This was an 18 month development and build project led by our managing member, Bruce Strum.  It entailed acquisition and development of 24 acres, 1900’ linear feet of road, utilities and city water.  Careful coordination and forward thinking allowed this neighborhood to have the benefits of natural gas to the homes.  39 home sites encircled 2 large ponds built in the 1940’s by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Severe over growth and brush had taken over the land. Using his network of contacts, Bruce was able to bring in a firm to selectively clear the lots and turn the debris into environmentally friendly mulch used to line walking paths and common areas around the ponds.

Each home site was individually permitted for septic systems due to the remote nature of the property and lack of city provided sewer facilities. There were 2 existing homes with the property that required a full remodel from the ground up and construction of several of the new neighborhood homes was completed during the final build out of the roads and infrastructure.